Sunday, December 20, 2009

How much is too much (#324)

I am constantly reminded that there are those who have very little and very little else but hope and there are those who have so much from their efforts. How is it that we can balance out these tremendous disparities? It is through charity of spirit and recognizing that human existence for all individuals, is finite. I am of the opinion that if I had nothing at all right now I would still find a way to exist somehow. Remember, it is the journey of life that is the experience of living not the arrival at some secure place. Security is important and should be a priority to attain, but not at the cost of human disadvantage. It is appropriate for those who have, to find ways to allocate generosity and charity toward those who have not. I will never tout my own practice in distributing the extra I have in order to lessen the despair of those who feel the effect of my efforts. But I will advocate for all who have more than enough to find ways to reintroduce themselves into ordinary human life to find ways to contribute to making hopes for those who despair a little more possible. As a human race we are responsible for our own individual ability to think and reason. The leap in thought that allows us to see reality and make conclusions based on curiosity and compassion is really a very small one. The act of charity is a beautiful experience and should be a priority as well as it is with security.

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