Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I trust my instincts (#320)

I am not always able to discern situations with insight but the times I do, I trust my gut feelings about them. Having a gut feeling and trusting it has not always been a tool I have utilized. I am so aware now of the effects my gut feelings have in circumstances, that I rely on it with measured confidence. Nothing is absolute, and I continue to question my gut feelings, but I have a stronger reliance on my gut feelings and the reliance grows stronger each day. I am unable to explain the nature of my gut feeling with any academic qualification, however as a subject observing his own experience with his gut feelings, I can offer this insight. My gut feelings are a combination of learning from experience and evaluating circumstances against my principled code of virtues about human nature and reasoning. There are other factors involved such as morality, ethics and justice. All of these are filtered through my gut where a consensus of sorts is achieved in very little time. I guess the logical presumption of my process is that it is a generalization weighed as a strong premise. Imperfect to be correct in this definition but valuable as a guiding force toward a conclusion. I will continue to rely on the wisdom of my gut in guiding me toward the destination my life takes me.

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