Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never stop asking questions (#327)

This is who I am, a questioner. I am always reminded of this throughout my day. I am not the kind of person who tells people what things are or are like. I am always trying to get more facts or theories about things. I do offer my insight when asked or prompted but only as a condition of improving a situation where I can be a positive influence. My soul is wired toward curiosity and solution. I don't often get to solution as an ideal, but I do remain optimistic that the solutions I get to have the best that I have when they need to be implemented. I am also aware that I am not afraid to test myself in areas that are still unknown. I am who I am and shall always know that the truth and honesty of my life will rise up and show itself. I am also aware that I question all of the uncomfortable and real situations, we as people, allow ourselves to be a part of. There is only struggle for the better in life, without negation of that struggle to anyone in life. Our egalitarian society demands of us a certain code of respect and honor for us all to each other. The questions continue.

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