Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The pace of my mind (#334)

It seems this week is continuing with the theme of my mind. Today I am full of thought about how my mind must stay active for me to feel a sense of fulfillment. It is also important for my mind to stay active for me to keep it highlighted instead of the body that houses it. In my hierarchy of importance, crudely, the mind is the highest priority followed by my physical body. If my mind abdicates its' authority the body physical will claim it necessarily. It seems that when the harmony of my mind being alert and curious is in place my body physical can recede to a lesser obviousness and function better in a less promoted state. In other words, when my mind is actively doing it's thing my body can quietly go about it's maintenance with more functional ability. It makes me want to theorize that if my mind was fully engaged it might allow my body to regenerate and replenish itself thus prolonging my particular human existence beyond today's acceptable life-span. There is so much we have yet to discover about the human experiment that all possibilities remain viable as opportunities for discovery and acceptance. Nature in it's pure form, less human-made contributions of pollution, might also activate the key to promoting longer if not the longest possible life-span yet achieved.

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