Monday, December 14, 2009

The quality of enduring (#318)

To endure; generally, an effort to continue. The distinction in when to apply endurance should be weighed carefully. Not all endurance is good. However, when it is established that enduring on a principle, action or emotion, enduring is valuable as an ideal. I am discussing endure because it is fitting at times for us to know what is important in our lives and to attain to achieve it through the process of endurance. Plainly, don't quit. Again, knowing the distinction between proper usage of enduring is a requirement. To endure after something that is harmful to ourselves or others is improper. To endure after something that is helpful or promised is proper. Relationships formed under promise and oath should be a prime example of how endurance is used. What brought this subject up for me is that I have a feeling within me that is unrelenting and it is personal. I have a great emotion within me and I carry it everywhere I go. For me, to have this emotion within me now has the presence of correctness. I will follow it's guide and discreetly hope for it's fruition. I have profound faith in what is within me and will always honor this emotion with the better and best principles that I willingly follow in my life today.

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