Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to my world (#325)

Nothing new in my world that isn't in everyone Else's world. So don't expect any surprises from me. What I do have in my world is a lot of good things happening. I am out and about meeting new people and staying in touch with friends. My work is consistent and rewarding. I am away from home a lot but whatever it takes to keep myself moving forward in life with what I have now is worth the sacrifice. I am learning and searching for more experiences to be apart of that I find exciting and fun. I am also allowing myself to be serious and honest about what is happening in my life and with the things I wonder about. I cannot change the world significantly but I can be part of a process that shows by example and does not take part in the things I feel are harmful and offensive to principles of justice, honor and ethics. I carry my word as a bond to the people I give it to and I accept that the Universe is the record keeper of it. I have yet to have a love in my life I would call a true love but I continue to hope that the inevitability of it's fruition will occur. Nothing much else going on except that I am happy and yet concerned about the present and future state of the humanity of our species.

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