Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is inside of us all (#326)

I have known for some time that we are all the same. Of course we are different, but in the general ways we are all the same. We are all born into a world with no foresight or understanding of why. We later learn about how humans birth, but why we are born is still unknown. We learn about how life has been lived before us and try to emulate the qualities we, individually, find attractive or right. We find our niche and fit in as best we can. The commonality we have is in our spirits, emotions and thoughts. Though they vary from circumstance to circumstance they are within a grouping of cognition's and behaviors recognizable to human traits. There are some exceptions due to mental deficiencies, but overall we all bear the same characteristics. The quote attributed to King Soloman "There is nothing new under the sun." is very appropriate to the essence of humanity. We are a unique feature in existence. We all share typical elements and matter form. Our acculturated mannerisms are offshoots of conformity or the lack of. Regardless, we all stem from the same nurture and express ourselves within the parameters of human interaction. We are all the same just living different habitations of being.

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