Sunday, February 28, 2010

The lessons I keep learning (#394)

My life is getting so complicated that I lose focus on some thoughts I should be putting into action. I am my most important function in reality and caring for myself in the best opportunity I will have to show how well I can put action to words. I will find the process for slowing down some of my actions to allow myself the time to consider more thoughts. It is against my impulse to act that I am trying to adjust. Somehow I have allowed a sort of mindset that thinks that whatever I do will be right or correct based upon a comprehensive outlook. By that I mean that I will do the right thing because that is what I want to do and my previous experiences will naturally flow me to do right. It is an outlook that promotes that if I am doing right all things in the present and future will just naturally be actions I do right. This type of thinking is lazy and ego-driven. All things need to be considered in their own light and should never be lumped into a stereotypical expectation. The answer for me is to slow down my actions and let my thoughts have more time to evaluate. It is this knowing of what I must do that I need to implement into action.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

To persevere (#393)

I am of the mindset that being relentless is how I should approach my actions and thoughts on anything that has my attention. I must diagnose whether I need to be relentless in certain situations, but overall that which has my attention and the analysis demands that I interject myself in some way, then that is the course I will chose. To be fervent in my attention on a matter is how I am able to achieve any satisfying conclusion. I must be a catalyst for the activity I am performing and also be the navigator of my reasoning's as they are apt to change from time to time. The compromises that must be made in concert with my ambition show that I have given thought to many other reasoning's and concepts that are possibly just as valid. I am not the determiner of what is best for anyone other than hopefully myself. If in my approach, I am able to determine what may be best for many then that is a comfort and happy consequence I am humbled by. I realize though that my zeal has to be tempered but the part of the zeal that perseveres must not be tempered. I am alive only one time and I will not settle for living my life as if others know more about me and my outlook than I do. I will also know that I know very little about my outlook and should weigh many factors concerning it before I comment on a course of action.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saying goodbye (#392)

I am ending a stay in New Mexico today and heading around about toward my home. I have been here In New Mexico for over half a year and have made some friendships I will miss. I knew when I took this job it would be for a time and that I would have to set up a temporary home and make new friends. Having accomplished all this, I am somewhat sad that I will be leaving. The familiarity of my home has been transferred here in a small way but still in enough of a way to make leaving here solemn. The excitement I feel in going home nonetheless cannot diminish the little sadness I feel about leaving. This has been a different experience, one I would not trade now that it is over. It is amazing the adaptability us humans have in being able to find a comfort in any location as long as we have a purpose for being there. The things I have accomplished here as far as importance to the company I work for and the personal quest I set out to visit my deceased father's grave have been satisfying and rewarding on many levels. To have seen the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Schelley has been a mystical and awe inspiring experience. The standing on the symbolic Four Corners, linking Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico borders was a lifelong ambition. I will miss my temporary home here and look forward to being back to my permanent home soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conquering new frontiers (#391)

Everyday is becoming more than I had expected. Life is taking me in such different directions that I must keep checking my hopes to see where they are. What I mean is that new and exciting things are happening and I need to understand what they mean to me. How do I assimilate new opportunities into my life. My previous expectations where not as grand as is what is happening for me today. What is consistent is my perspective. It is well grounded by actions I have taken to solidify who I am in reality. Circumstances may change around me but I am remaining the same. I am getting older these days and I have been reflecting on what I used to think as a child, especially about who I would be when I was older. My dream was to be a wise man who knew many things and could help those who would ask of me. I have not changed from that dream. I do still want to be the good wise man who can help with my experience and knowledge. Fate has it's own destiny for me but at least everyone will know the intent of my heart. My actions and thoughts expressed in words will be the path that I hope will eventually allow me to be the older man I wish to be.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just around the corner (#390)

I am inspired this morning in a way that is similar to being refreshed. Having a new start to my life. Ready to embrace every next moment as it comes my way. It is early yet this morning so the usual distractions to my day will come along and take me from this feeling I am having right now and change it to something else. But for this moment I am well satisfied with how I feel and my total outlook on life. I suppose it is these small moments of time that are so valuable to me because I can step outside of my responsibilities for a little while and just enjoy being alive and what that looks like and feels to me right now. I must be in a good place with myself because my outlook and feelings are very positive and warm. I am still here typing about how I feel as I am actually feeling. It is a bit strange to record my sense of things as I am sensing them but speaking to reality is a requirement for me. Hahahaha, I do have a sense of humor and I am feeling it right now as well. I have just looked at the clock and I am now aware that I have little time left for this special moment since I must get ready for work. Here I go turning another corner toward another outlook and feeling. Bye.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Courage and fear (#389)

Courage and fear are the two sides of the same coin. Both can exist together but only one side shows at a time. I bring this up because I have been thinking about how to deal with fear through courage. It seems to me that fear gets it's way when I do not stand on a right principle, for when I am in the right my courage grows and my fear diminishes. When I am not standing on a right principle fear grows and courage wanes. As a human being of a normal type I would think that we are all experiencing these same situations. If I am interpreting this correctly then the best answer to conquering fear is to live a right principled life. Which is exactly what I am trying to do. It is in the how I am trying to live a right principled life that is the key. How do I go about living on principles that exemplify right, honor, fairness, compassion etc.. We all have our moral compasses we need to decipher for ourselves, because we are individuals who are finding our way through life all with the same curiosity about existence. I have no answers, but I have many questions. I will not let others abrogate my right to think for myself and discover the ideals I need to justify my opinions and decisions. I know that happy is good and sad is not. From the simple comes the complex and that is how I start.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Live and let live (#388)

I know that the title here is the same as the James Bond movie but I like the message in the title. Live, which I believe has so many levels of understanding, is what I am finding out how to do and let live, which shows respect and awe at other things outside myself. The deep meaning of this simple four word sentence is infinite. How is it possible to know all that embodies living and not interfering in living. I am a big picture guy who goes about his life living every moment like it will be the last moment I have in existence. I guess I have found a formula for my life that completes me in the only way it can. I don't know so much that it is humbling. Since that is my lot in life to not know a lot of things, I have found that if I can see what I can see and live what I can live then I have everything I can know and do right in front of me. In my ignorance, I have found happiness. I will never settle for being ignorant to all things but I know there are some things I will never know. So as long as I am aware of what I do know and live my moments like they all should be lived then a contentment will be with me. However there will always be that curiosity within me that will struggle and strive to know beyond the boundaries of what is possible for me to know. I am content with that as well. I am an earnest man who is comfortably relentless in his search for all that is knowable and that which is not knowable. I have found a place in my soul that accepts my limitations while striving to increase them. Maybe the title of this post should have been the paradox that is me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letting my feelings out (#387)

I am feeling very anxious at this time. I was home for Christmas for a few days then I have not been back since then. I have a dog and a cat that my neighbor takes care of and I will see them again in a few days. It isn't just my pets it's my friends and family as well. I have made new acquaintances away from home but the allure of my familiar surroundings has me feeling excited. Knowing that I will only be home for a short time however does dampen my excitement, nonetheless, I do feel excited. It is the being away from my home that shows me how much I care for what it has for me. I often need to be reminded that what is most important to me is the value I place on what I really care about. Writing these blog postings everyday has the sense of familiar and keeps me grounded with my emotions. I am like most everyone else, things I care about matter to me. As the days get closer to me leaving here I will even more sense the excitement of coming home. I just wanted to share this with whoever, I miss being home and I am excited about making my way back to where I want to be.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new day (#386)

Another new day, another new beginning, another new hope. It is a constant in this existence for things to change. Changing with it is my ambition. I have so much I want to accomplish and yet things keep coming up that are new and exciting. Life really is too short for all the things in this world that have captured my imagination. I have a real purpose to bear down and plan for things as best I can yet my plans are often thwarted by unseen forces that occur at a whim. I do my best in most situations but alas, I am an imperfect human being. lol. It is still amazing to me all that I actually do think about and put into action. I will never want to feel like I could have done something and not done it and lived with the regret that so often associates with procrastination. My life is what I project out to all, and that projection is a culmination of what I think, say and do. Everyday that I wake up I eventually realize that I get to start over as me, a little better I hope with the wisdom that carries over from the previous days. It is still my joy to be alive despite the troubles we place upon each other. Life is good and a new day will follow this one.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What do I own? (#385)

I would be considered less than sane if I said I own nothing. In today's society, to own is a sign of intelligence and ambition. I understand the need for this type of thinking since it reflects and is representative of our model for life. I am of the type of thinking that we own only ourselves. Everything that is in existence was here before and after we are gone from existence. I know this is an idealistic thought process, but to have idealism in our lives we must think in ideal terms. We are guests, or visitors here in existence. Existence came about without our help, we did not design it's conception. In that the designers of existence are not readily visible to us does not give us license to assume we are in control and can create existence to our whims or designs. Ideally, we would have humble respect for every particle of matter. We would enjoy and discover new and interesting aspects about how we are here and where we are going from here. We do have the control of how we approach the way we live in this existence we did not create. I am humbled at being alive within this ecosystem, this Planet and this Universe. The false sense of a superior arrogance would be our downfall and to lose sight of the gift we all have been given would help that downfall occur. Our great human principle of passing on a better existence to our children must never be thwarted by reasons that don't reflect our best efforts and principled ideals.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where is my home (#384)

Home is where your heart is. I have heard and understood this for a long time and yet it has always been less than clear in application. Truly to know your heart and be happy with it makes knowing that your home is you, not some physical place. But I also feel a heartfelt attraction to my home where I live. It is because of familiarity of surrounding and closeness to friends and family. So not only is home for me a physical place in reality but an ideal place in my heart. Combining the two is my hope for my future but I cannot control those events if I am able to have the one in my life that I love. Serendipity or luck or even providence have to play their parts in whatever occurs for me and the home I wish to have. My wants and needs will have a say but not as the arbiter of the outcome only as a consideration. I am an open book to this world and how I exist in it is not under my control. My destiny is controlled by the actions I allow myself to follow and those actions will speak my fate. I can only hope that I am the kind of man I hope to be and that in that I will have happiness of home in my heart and in the place I want to be.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are all of the human race (#383)

I know that this is not news to anybody. It is obvious to everyone. So why do I bring it up? The best answer is just to once again remind everyone that we are the same species. We have the same body types and functions. We are all born and die with the same regularity. We are students, teachers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We are interconnected in so many ways despite the geographic distances we are from one another. Compassion and curiosity are common to all of us. Our differences are in the area of culture but not so much that we should lose contact with each of us. It is common also for us to identify with each other on local, regional, national, continental and world wide issues. To be able to transition from one identity to any other is our gift of flexibility through respect and courtesy. Change is occurring and being open to new and exciting ways of thinking and understanding is the hallmark of an advanced and advancing society. Us humans have far more in common with each other than we will ever not have in common with each other. It is suitable therefore for us to continue to bridge our differences and become a race of humans that any outside species would have to respect if they existed. I am a dreamer, a dreamer for the better and best of human qualities to be on display within our species. I am a part of the human race and my legacy to humanity is to demand that we become the best we are able to be.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My own evolution (#382)

The clarity with which I see the changing differences in me are rather obvious. I suppose a lot of factors are involved in my evolution but instead of focusing on them I want to write about the effect this changing is having on me. First of all, I am more aware of every little circumstance that is happening in my day to day living. I am not trying to control the minutiae of my life but I find that the little things matter just as much as the big things. It is a new stark awareness that ALL things happening are important. It also allows me to see people who I ordinarily rush past in order to get something done. I am taking the time to be a part of all the happenings not just the major happenings. The second to second events are in my awareness now where before I just glossed over them. Second, my natural instincts are coming into play along with my internal intuition, gut sense, if you will. It is amazing that the little things I used to gloss over or not recognize, are turning out to be very pivotal moments in how I am representing my life to others as well as to myself. I am actually living my life as an ordinary human being fitting in with other ordinary human beings and finding the joy in being alive and having interactions. As I take notice of more of the little things happening around me the more I feel connected with my life and what it is becoming. I see myself moreso now and I like what I am reflecting out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Courage is for all of us (#381)

I am humbled by the examples throughout history of people who have put their lives up for sacrifice for the good of the rest of us. I know fear and how well it can paralyze me into inaction. I am truly amazed at the lack of fear displayed by some who relegate their principles for living far ahead of any fear for their life. It is what I strive for in my life. Finding that comfort in knowing that I am principled enough to sacrifice even my own life for values I would call noble. It is about building character for me and the first step is to put into practice my honorable ideals. When I actually am living the best of human principles my courage naturally follows. I am not a martyr nor do I look to be one. I am just a man who will now stand on my honor as a sign that I will fight for my right to exist and to protect the weak and innocent. I have always had these qualities within me and occasionally I have displayed them. But I have also not been consistent because my internal values were never very clear to me. I was more selfish than selfless. Those days are behind me and I see what I had been like. Today, the person I am is more in tune with the great principles of human idealism. The harmony I am experiencing is leading me to find the courage within me to stand against that which would not raise the standard of human existence but would rather distract or retract from it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's wish (#380)

Today especially, I hope everyone would think of at least one person whom they love and thank the Universe for them. One day out of the year where a deep abiding thought of love should be expressed or felt for another human being. It is difficult to go through life without knowing the touch of another human being so we should all try to connect somehow with another so that we are aware that we are not alone amongst ourselves. Today of all days should remind us that everyday should be shared with someone we love. Everyday should be Valentine's day. To express love for another is a gift that cannot be bought it must be given freely. To be in a position to receive love I must be in a position to give love. Love is the ultimate sharing experience. If love is to be shared by us all then we must all be willing to give and receive love. The wonder of time and place are significant factors in when and where we find love for one or more persons but the decision to take part in love is all our own. Realizing that what fate has brought us and the willingness to accept our duty to find love within our fate puts us right at the moment we are in. Present, and waiting to do whatever is next. We can control the "next" by instituting our desire or "next" move. Hopefully, finding in our hearts to love someone and share that with them in some kind and respectful way is what I wish for everyone.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going back to the heart of the Creator (#379)

As all things but One must, an end is inevitable. I have the sense that when I have the passing from this life to the unknown that somehow I will be where I began. For me the hope is that I will be in the heart of my Creator. Whatever the form my Creator will be. I suppose this for a couple of reasons. First, my heart is the purest thing within me. It knows no difference in it's application of compassion for all of existence, even the worst in life at least has my compassion, although not my acceptance. Second, is that I desire it to be so. My mindset is that life should be about sense perception and experience. The kind of sense perception that brings out the best of our seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, and yes mind reading for all the sixth sensor's. lol. The kind of experiences where awe and wonder get their definitions. Life really is too short and the experience of it should not be wasted on the constructions of we humans but on the splendor of the majesty of nature and her creations. To have a society, it is important to have structure. I know this, yet to have the beauty of existence all around us makes me think that we humans have taken a lesser existence from a greater existence for reasons that now have little to do with survival and more to do with control. It is our obligation to make the living experience better than when we found it and keeping things the status quo or going backwards is a negligence on our part.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is never enough it seems (#378)

It is true that love exists and it is very powerful in it's effect. I have felt love for another person and it consumed me to the core. However, love is not sufficient in our society to keep two people together by itself. There are so many wants and needs beyond love that eventually will overrule love as the greatest bond between two people. It is something though how my expectation that love is the final say in how two people should come together is based on the concept of a soulmate. I would like to think that there is some grand plan out there that has us all a soulmate. However, this could be the best kind of wishful thinking. I hope not. I still believe that the effect of romance has a grand place in the scope of our lives and without some form of romance life would be just too dull. If it did not exist we would have to create it. And maybe that is what has happened. Possibly, we have perpetuated a myth until it has become an accepted expectation. I am still unable to believe that this is true either. I want for there to be a soulmate out there for me. I will continue to be objective about it but I will also continue to strive to prove it's existence with a hopeful wish. Life can be so much more real and exciting if we were all able to have a companion who fit into who we are with us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

looking into the mirror (#377)

The depths of the who I am. I am the one who gets glimpses of who I am when I am confronted with dilemmas that I have no idea what to do about. I do a thorough search within myself looking for any way to resolve whatever current issue is confusing me. It is at these moments when I am a blank canvas that I get to see the depths of who I am. It is like a sideways view of me and it is amazing. I see a tremendous amount of experience combined with thought that is layer upon layer of information and past experience. I am having trouble trying to describe what my mind's eye sees but I know what it looks like and it is awesome. The telling part is that my life has been full to this point and I am hopeful that it will continue to be fuller as time moves forward. Regardless of the next outcome to the next dilemma it is the process that has me captivated this morning. I had the thought about "I am what I eat" but this is more in line with what I am saying "I am what I have become" That is the point of me. I have allowed the direction of my life to be where it is at this very moment. I have not been coerced or manipulated to do anything I could not have made different. I like who I am and who I am still becoming.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strength of mind (#376)

I don't write this from the perspective of myself having some great strength of mind or of having the secret to implementing the strength of mind every time I need it. I write this from the perspective of knowing I need to have a strength of mind and wondering how I am going to do that. Like all of us, there are times when the courage to stand and be accountable comes along and we either rise or fail depending on our conviction. I want to say that it is always that easy to recognize but it is not always that easy. Often in life situations occur that demand our response and when our response is given, we hope it is appropriate for the necessity. Other times, the vagueness or complexity of a situation relegate us to not being sure what our response should be and that is a unsatisfactory feeling. Not knowing is perhaps my greatest dilemma in life. I want to know so I will know how to think and or react. I have a body of principles I consider before I put thought into action and despite being well armed with virtue I still am not able, at times, to know how to react. Life is funny that way and me admitting that I am not capable of knowing what I want to know is a great start. Wisdom is earned not bred. At least in my experience anyway.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Embrace your life (#375)

Your destiny is what you are. All the things surrounding your life help to shape what will be your story. The outline of your life needs to be defined by either you or someone else, how will it be? I am at the point in my life where half of my story is already written. That I cannot change, but from this day forward the rest of my life can be shaped by how I use my effort and imagination. There are no really perfect guidelines for us humans to follow that we are able to sustain with not ever failing. We can however do all within our power to remain objective about what reality is and always strive to maintain our best intentions without harming any one else. John Stuart Mill winnowed down the most important trait to humanity, outside of felt or expressed emotion, that must be aboded by, this being (do no harm to others or yourself). Finding a more reasonable starting point in taking charge of my destiny, would be great, but for me this one action of thought and body will suffice nicely. From there I am able to establish the principles of thought and action I want to have happen as a reflection of who I want to be. My decision to take action is proportional to what I want the rest of my life to mean.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Harmonics and understanding (#374)

Sound, an amazing sense. More specifically harmonic sound. Not just noise but more-so coordinated combinations of varying wave lengths. I am learning more of what I like in life and music is one of them. The generation of music I was raised on brings out so much thought and analysis of life that it has captured my attention and imagination. Now don't get me wrong, I am also captured by the emotion music evokes in me. Maybe more-so the emotional aspect of it than any other reason. The pure and simple combinations of varying sound combined with words that teach and inform have come to symbolize a particular need for me. I don't need music to survive but I would have music while I am surviving. Music for me is another supplement of reading, which I use to be informed and taught. The difference between using my eyes to read and using my ears to hear is that when I am listening I also get to experience the varying wave patterns that co-exist with the message being given. It is a two for one experience. words of language intertwined with emotive sound. I will continue to use both senses to further my understanding of this existence but sound is playing a larger role in my life than it has ever before. I believe that today, unlike in my past, I am actually hearing the music with all of me instead of just enough of me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The tender ones (#373)

There are few things in existence I admire more than the ones who see life for it's best qualities. I have often been a critic and a cynic to my detriment. I know the caustic feeling criticism and cynicism leave. That is why the beautiful people who show their inner self, reflected out, captures my appreciation. There is something perfect in the outlook they have chosen to represent as themselves. Not perfectly, but with a calm and happiness that permeates my self-projection. We can be anything that we choose to be. I know this and accept that I have control over how I look at things. I don't need to be a person who reacts to the whims of emotion or circumstance. I have the ability to analyze and reason wherever I find myself beyond my normal reactions. I am the master of the time that ticks in my life. To find the inner place where all happiness can come from is the remarkable observance I see in some few people. What is the purpose of life? I don't know but I do know that I live for a purpose and that purpose is to experience the best of human nature that can be expressed. I am not a person who finds any pleasure in being negative or tearing down the rights of others. I do find pleasure in participating in the best of what us humans have to offer.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I appreciate what life gives me (#372)

This is the greatest feeling to me. That through hardship and struggle I see and feel the effect of wonderment. I hardly use the word amazing unless it signifies some truly remarkable event. Yet the word amazing seems insignificant in what I am trying to describe about how I feel about life. First, I am humbled to my core because of the expressions of the absolutely best natures of humanity. I see examples all around me and I know that my best is all I can strive for to give back. I want to be like these examples I see, so I will continue to work to join this beautiful group. Secondly, my heart aches to see more. Within us all, there is a place where the sun is always shining and the smile on every one's face is real and genuine. I don't know how but I see what life should be like. Is that having a dream? Is that being naive? Probably. However, reality can be whatever we all choose to make it. How to do that is the question that needs to be answered. All I can add to the possible answer is that I don't necessarily see people I see the effects of people. It is like, for me, people are less sensed then their actions and thoughts. I know I live in a physical world but I also live in a spiritual world. I am just one human who knows when the gift of life, I have, is beyond any way for me to give proper thanks.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The big lie (#371)

It is amazing how the media can control whatever it wants whenever it wants to. How do we know what to accept from them when their standards of reporting do not have editing for fallacious reasoning? Plato wrote about the big lie in his book "The Republic". In it, he describes how a society is controlled because of the leaders wanting to shepherd it's citizens as a means of thought control. The justification for lying to it's citizens is that they are not able to handle some truths. The leaders and their affiliates decided what was best for it's societal members. I cannot believe that this ancient way of societal control would still be viable, yet it appears to be so. It is my opinion that if society can't work without lying to it's citizens then the society needs to be reformed not the minds of the citizens. If something is broke then fixing it is the best alternative, not breaking everything else to fit in the broken society. The better and best nature of humanity must find its way to the top of discussions about what our society should or should not allow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The power of money (#370)

It is just amazing to me what the power of money can do to people. It is as if nothing else in life is as important than having as much means to barter as is possible. It is only curious that most people's only consideration for life and existing is directly proportional to how much money one can obtain. I know the value of money and having enough to maintain somewhat of a healthy lifestyle I consider appropriate. Not congruently however, the lust or thirst for more and more means of barter reflects an incomplete thought process centered on selfish instincts. The idea that a craving for money is a healthy capitalist view is often mistaken as an honorable view. I would disagree in principle because an arbitrary concept of acquisition cannot be what the miracle of life should be centered on. I have always considered that the importance of means of barter should have less to do with acquisition and more to do with benevolence. To explain the benefit of benevolence versus acquisition is somewhat obvious but for the sake of putting the words down in print, let me say that giving is a pleasure and receiving for the sake of receiving is not a principled ideal. Often money is the only factor for the sexes in finding each other. Instead of ideals of character and personality.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The bigger picture (#369)

Having a view of the purpose I start out with is what I mean by the bigger picture. It is imperative for me to keep my perspective on the task I wish to accomplish. Once a concept has been formed and begun to be implemented, various aspects may come into controversy and attempt to distort the initial purpose. For me, I must structure the purpose as if it is a title to a book. All the subsequent effects become the outline and the body. I find that I am constantly going back to what the meaning of the title is and refocus my attempts to move forward with my task on the same pathway I started out on. There are times when events reshape my purpose in specific areas and I must adapt when change is required. Nothing much is static in this world and my understanding of things should not contradict this idea. However, I must be sure as to the nature of any change that would give the purpose I seek a new direction. Principled ideals have at their core a finite resolution as to their purpose. I find that basing any purpose I attempt on the better and best principles of humanity I am seldom inclined to change much of any aspect I am attempting to forward. My goal is to better the experience of living with the hope that my life would prove of some benefit other than the actual experiencing of it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The value of confidence (#368)

This topic has a keen awareness factor to it for me. I know what it is like to have no confidence in myself and from others. It is at the heart of feeling true despair. I also know the feeling of having confidence in my self and from others, it is remarkable. Most of us fall within these extremes. At least some confidence. Like all the good things in life I strive to have these types of experiences. Not for the sake of some artificial prize or tribute but for the true sensation I experience when I "feel" them. I am a man who has found the pot of gold, for me it is in every good thing I experience. No longer will I take the good things in life for granted. It is all the little good things and once in awhile a big good thing. I have the confidence as well to smile about circumstances in my life with true emotion. I am actually living my life not trying to find what it means. I stand back occasionally to observe what I am doing and then I am back into the actual living because I am satisfied that I am still doing the things I hope to do. The confidence I feel is comforting and peaceful.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Faith without cynicism (#367)

Faith has the premise of a never-ending endurance attached to it. The qualities faith has, operate with the understanding that nothing can deter a faith's truth. All of this is well and good. The problem arises when faith is co-mingled with humanity. Humanity has very short attention and memory patterns. Also humanity will let doubt in one day and not another. We are creatures given to an unstable approach in our knowledge. (This is difficult to write about so if it seems disjointed it very well may be.) The record of all of the beginning of our existence is incomplete and causes us to pause and re-evaluate the premise for our lives. Faith comes to us as a foundation for acceptance of reality and a way forward as a hope. Too often faith is charged with perfection and is hopelessly incapable of being perfect within the human concept. However, faith is also an ideal, which if lived perfectly would have the effect of peace and tranquility. I am looking for a faith in what I believe that is not within boundaries of what is known by humanity but what is within boundaries of all the unknown. It would be a cynical day for me to say that my faith is greater than anyone Else's, but it would also be a cynical day if I said my faith was any less than anyone Else's as well.