Monday, February 15, 2010

Courage is for all of us (#381)

I am humbled by the examples throughout history of people who have put their lives up for sacrifice for the good of the rest of us. I know fear and how well it can paralyze me into inaction. I am truly amazed at the lack of fear displayed by some who relegate their principles for living far ahead of any fear for their life. It is what I strive for in my life. Finding that comfort in knowing that I am principled enough to sacrifice even my own life for values I would call noble. It is about building character for me and the first step is to put into practice my honorable ideals. When I actually am living the best of human principles my courage naturally follows. I am not a martyr nor do I look to be one. I am just a man who will now stand on my honor as a sign that I will fight for my right to exist and to protect the weak and innocent. I have always had these qualities within me and occasionally I have displayed them. But I have also not been consistent because my internal values were never very clear to me. I was more selfish than selfless. Those days are behind me and I see what I had been like. Today, the person I am is more in tune with the great principles of human idealism. The harmony I am experiencing is leading me to find the courage within me to stand against that which would not raise the standard of human existence but would rather distract or retract from it.

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