Sunday, February 28, 2010

The lessons I keep learning (#394)

My life is getting so complicated that I lose focus on some thoughts I should be putting into action. I am my most important function in reality and caring for myself in the best opportunity I will have to show how well I can put action to words. I will find the process for slowing down some of my actions to allow myself the time to consider more thoughts. It is against my impulse to act that I am trying to adjust. Somehow I have allowed a sort of mindset that thinks that whatever I do will be right or correct based upon a comprehensive outlook. By that I mean that I will do the right thing because that is what I want to do and my previous experiences will naturally flow me to do right. It is an outlook that promotes that if I am doing right all things in the present and future will just naturally be actions I do right. This type of thinking is lazy and ego-driven. All things need to be considered in their own light and should never be lumped into a stereotypical expectation. The answer for me is to slow down my actions and let my thoughts have more time to evaluate. It is this knowing of what I must do that I need to implement into action.

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