Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letting my feelings out (#387)

I am feeling very anxious at this time. I was home for Christmas for a few days then I have not been back since then. I have a dog and a cat that my neighbor takes care of and I will see them again in a few days. It isn't just my pets it's my friends and family as well. I have made new acquaintances away from home but the allure of my familiar surroundings has me feeling excited. Knowing that I will only be home for a short time however does dampen my excitement, nonetheless, I do feel excited. It is the being away from my home that shows me how much I care for what it has for me. I often need to be reminded that what is most important to me is the value I place on what I really care about. Writing these blog postings everyday has the sense of familiar and keeps me grounded with my emotions. I am like most everyone else, things I care about matter to me. As the days get closer to me leaving here I will even more sense the excitement of coming home. I just wanted to share this with whoever, I miss being home and I am excited about making my way back to where I want to be.

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