Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is never enough it seems (#378)

It is true that love exists and it is very powerful in it's effect. I have felt love for another person and it consumed me to the core. However, love is not sufficient in our society to keep two people together by itself. There are so many wants and needs beyond love that eventually will overrule love as the greatest bond between two people. It is something though how my expectation that love is the final say in how two people should come together is based on the concept of a soulmate. I would like to think that there is some grand plan out there that has us all a soulmate. However, this could be the best kind of wishful thinking. I hope not. I still believe that the effect of romance has a grand place in the scope of our lives and without some form of romance life would be just too dull. If it did not exist we would have to create it. And maybe that is what has happened. Possibly, we have perpetuated a myth until it has become an accepted expectation. I am still unable to believe that this is true either. I want for there to be a soulmate out there for me. I will continue to be objective about it but I will also continue to strive to prove it's existence with a hopeful wish. Life can be so much more real and exciting if we were all able to have a companion who fit into who we are with us.

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