Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My own evolution (#382)

The clarity with which I see the changing differences in me are rather obvious. I suppose a lot of factors are involved in my evolution but instead of focusing on them I want to write about the effect this changing is having on me. First of all, I am more aware of every little circumstance that is happening in my day to day living. I am not trying to control the minutiae of my life but I find that the little things matter just as much as the big things. It is a new stark awareness that ALL things happening are important. It also allows me to see people who I ordinarily rush past in order to get something done. I am taking the time to be a part of all the happenings not just the major happenings. The second to second events are in my awareness now where before I just glossed over them. Second, my natural instincts are coming into play along with my internal intuition, gut sense, if you will. It is amazing that the little things I used to gloss over or not recognize, are turning out to be very pivotal moments in how I am representing my life to others as well as to myself. I am actually living my life as an ordinary human being fitting in with other ordinary human beings and finding the joy in being alive and having interactions. As I take notice of more of the little things happening around me the more I feel connected with my life and what it is becoming. I see myself moreso now and I like what I am reflecting out.

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