Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new day (#386)

Another new day, another new beginning, another new hope. It is a constant in this existence for things to change. Changing with it is my ambition. I have so much I want to accomplish and yet things keep coming up that are new and exciting. Life really is too short for all the things in this world that have captured my imagination. I have a real purpose to bear down and plan for things as best I can yet my plans are often thwarted by unseen forces that occur at a whim. I do my best in most situations but alas, I am an imperfect human being. lol. It is still amazing to me all that I actually do think about and put into action. I will never want to feel like I could have done something and not done it and lived with the regret that so often associates with procrastination. My life is what I project out to all, and that projection is a culmination of what I think, say and do. Everyday that I wake up I eventually realize that I get to start over as me, a little better I hope with the wisdom that carries over from the previous days. It is still my joy to be alive despite the troubles we place upon each other. Life is good and a new day will follow this one.

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