Friday, February 26, 2010

Saying goodbye (#392)

I am ending a stay in New Mexico today and heading around about toward my home. I have been here In New Mexico for over half a year and have made some friendships I will miss. I knew when I took this job it would be for a time and that I would have to set up a temporary home and make new friends. Having accomplished all this, I am somewhat sad that I will be leaving. The familiarity of my home has been transferred here in a small way but still in enough of a way to make leaving here solemn. The excitement I feel in going home nonetheless cannot diminish the little sadness I feel about leaving. This has been a different experience, one I would not trade now that it is over. It is amazing the adaptability us humans have in being able to find a comfort in any location as long as we have a purpose for being there. The things I have accomplished here as far as importance to the company I work for and the personal quest I set out to visit my deceased father's grave have been satisfying and rewarding on many levels. To have seen the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Schelley has been a mystical and awe inspiring experience. The standing on the symbolic Four Corners, linking Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico borders was a lifelong ambition. I will miss my temporary home here and look forward to being back to my permanent home soon.

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