Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's wish (#380)

Today especially, I hope everyone would think of at least one person whom they love and thank the Universe for them. One day out of the year where a deep abiding thought of love should be expressed or felt for another human being. It is difficult to go through life without knowing the touch of another human being so we should all try to connect somehow with another so that we are aware that we are not alone amongst ourselves. Today of all days should remind us that everyday should be shared with someone we love. Everyday should be Valentine's day. To express love for another is a gift that cannot be bought it must be given freely. To be in a position to receive love I must be in a position to give love. Love is the ultimate sharing experience. If love is to be shared by us all then we must all be willing to give and receive love. The wonder of time and place are significant factors in when and where we find love for one or more persons but the decision to take part in love is all our own. Realizing that what fate has brought us and the willingness to accept our duty to find love within our fate puts us right at the moment we are in. Present, and waiting to do whatever is next. We can control the "next" by instituting our desire or "next" move. Hopefully, finding in our hearts to love someone and share that with them in some kind and respectful way is what I wish for everyone.

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