Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are all of the human race (#383)

I know that this is not news to anybody. It is obvious to everyone. So why do I bring it up? The best answer is just to once again remind everyone that we are the same species. We have the same body types and functions. We are all born and die with the same regularity. We are students, teachers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We are interconnected in so many ways despite the geographic distances we are from one another. Compassion and curiosity are common to all of us. Our differences are in the area of culture but not so much that we should lose contact with each of us. It is common also for us to identify with each other on local, regional, national, continental and world wide issues. To be able to transition from one identity to any other is our gift of flexibility through respect and courtesy. Change is occurring and being open to new and exciting ways of thinking and understanding is the hallmark of an advanced and advancing society. Us humans have far more in common with each other than we will ever not have in common with each other. It is suitable therefore for us to continue to bridge our differences and become a race of humans that any outside species would have to respect if they existed. I am a dreamer, a dreamer for the better and best of human qualities to be on display within our species. I am a part of the human race and my legacy to humanity is to demand that we become the best we are able to be.

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