Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where is my home (#384)

Home is where your heart is. I have heard and understood this for a long time and yet it has always been less than clear in application. Truly to know your heart and be happy with it makes knowing that your home is you, not some physical place. But I also feel a heartfelt attraction to my home where I live. It is because of familiarity of surrounding and closeness to friends and family. So not only is home for me a physical place in reality but an ideal place in my heart. Combining the two is my hope for my future but I cannot control those events if I am able to have the one in my life that I love. Serendipity or luck or even providence have to play their parts in whatever occurs for me and the home I wish to have. My wants and needs will have a say but not as the arbiter of the outcome only as a consideration. I am an open book to this world and how I exist in it is not under my control. My destiny is controlled by the actions I allow myself to follow and those actions will speak my fate. I can only hope that I am the kind of man I hope to be and that in that I will have happiness of home in my heart and in the place I want to be.

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