Sunday, May 30, 2010

The conveyance of concepts and ideas (#485)

The ability to put into words how I feel about anything is what I strive to do. I don't look for catch phrases or cliche's to express my thoughts, I want my own words to describe what I am representing. Too many times I see people say they like some political person and that is nice if that is what they do, like the person. However, mostly it is because they like the person's view on a subject. It is the subject that they should be saying they like with some explanation. It is so simple to let others think for ourselves but it is not in our own interest to do so. We all must convey some sense of knowledge and understanding on subjects we feel personal about. These subjects of governmental and social debate are for us individually to comprehend. When we leave the comprehension to others we abdicate a part of what it is that defines our freedom. Simply taking the time to objectively understand a subject instead of spending time doing some mindless activity would benefit us in understanding and expressing our own viewpoint. Life is not easy and thinking that we are owed some privilege simply because we demand that privilege is not real. We must always work for our right to think and express our right to think with a sacredness as precious as life itself.

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