Monday, May 31, 2010

A gift I have been given (#486)

It is intangible. It has no form or weight. It cannot be seen. It can only be felt. Inside me is where this gift I have been given resides. As a gift I am surely happy that it has found it's way to me. Where it came from is not anything I know for sure but can only guess at. Whether this gift will ever be shared with anyone else is yet to be determined but I do have my part of it. Will I tell you what it is? No. In time I can reveal this gift to someone but not now. I am enjoying the fact that I have something inside me that makes everything seem so special. What is that? I am fortunate to have felt this and know it is real. It is my hope that all of us experience a gift from a good place that makes our lives happy. I just want to be happy and help others be happy as well. I don't need anything else in life except what this gift I have makes me feel. What I have learned from all of this is a perspective on how I should live my life. In truth and honesty, in self-sacrifice and justice. I have what I have always wanted inside me, and the thought of losing it is not a concept I wish to consider. Nothing else man-made will ever come close to giving me the feeling I constantly have within me. The smile on my face is warm and genuine. The thoughts about others is real and virtue driven. I like myself today because I have something very special going on inside me. I am a fulfilled man, as much as a man can be fulfilled, despite not having a companion to share it with.

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