Sunday, May 23, 2010

Humanity can reshape reality (#478)

When I was born and growing up as a child I thought that society was a finely constructed system where people were amazingly smart and told the truth about things. Slowly, over time as I was growing up I discovered that my perception of reality was incorrect. When I say slowly over time I mean just that. It was like I was one of the last ones to realize that society was not finely constructed but loosely constructed with room for all kinds of lesser than virtuous actions. I was hopelessly a believer in the good in life fighting to suppress the bad in life. I have since realized that for myriad of reasons we, as individuals, are less than capable of doing the right thing when advantages can be gained. The logical progression of the "advantages being gained" concept is that we are gaining advantages over each other. Why is that? Must our society inculcate self-indulgence over fairness? Why should I, as a human being, be given more or most when all we all are trying to do is to survive with a little bit of grace and dignity? The incredible gift of life is too precious. Every individual who has ever existed is a marvel in creation. Yet the less than respectful way we exist in society with each other is sadly shameful. It is as if we are not living with the real reality that exists but with an artificial one that tells us that being more or less than one another is truth. I humbly disagree and want to change reality by trying to explain our sameness.

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