Monday, May 24, 2010

The uplifting feeling of helping others (#479)

It is as if a happy chemical reaction takes place within me when I set out to specifically help others in their lives. If I can give of myself and do a positive thing my inner being is well satisfied and actually happy. It is amazing the awareness I am able to perceive now that I have my priorities in order. Real simple really, do for others as a first thought, then enjoy the act of doing for others and humbly remember that it is a privilege to achieve the accomplishment. I am on the track to becoming the man I had hoped to be when I first started out in life. What an amazing coming around it has been for me. I got lost within myself as to what I wanted to do in life a long time ago. I became selfish and hard. Not today however, I have found my selflessness and sensitivity to what others are experiencing. What a great realization for me. My life could end right now and I would be smiling. It is because I have found inner contentment and purpose. I live by principles that are steadfast and true to virtue. I am not perfect and I will never be but I can keep striving and really, isn't it about the trying anyway? I do not rest just on trying, I continue to work to have outcomes that are in harmony with virtue, but I know if I try I will achieve it more often than not.

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