Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What do we say about ourselves (#481)

I look at myself and wonder why I have become who I am. Of all the millions of decisions, big and small, I have made over my life to this point why am I who I am? It is not just happenstance that I am who I am. There is very little serendipity in the making of me. I have guided myself to this point by making conscious decisions that effect who I have become. All of these many decisions in my life come from within me. The core of who I am resides within my values and hopes. I get to dictate my expressions through action based upon the drive within me. I cannot see who I am through others' eyes but I am truly a reflection of what I let myself be. Others will have to offer their perspective on who I am through some valid form of recognition but that is their perception. I often if not always refer to how I hope to become the man I wish to be, wise and kind. Do I show this in my life? Just because I want it does not mean I am doing it. Every little detail of my life must be in concert with the wise and kind paradigm. Nothing is too insignificant a thought or action from me that is unimportant a value in becoming what I want to be. It would be easy for me to tell everyone how I am working hard to become this person but words are simple and the actual doing is hard and constant. Although the hard gets easier with familiarity the consistent is more difficult in that it must remain relentless and vigilant. What I say about me is that I am still a work in progress unwilling to quit when getting better is an option.

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