Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What you think about me (#474)

This used to dominate my strategy for living. Most everything I tried to do revolved around what I thought you were thinking about me. How I could come across as favorable in your mind. Today, I have no such strategies of any significance. Why the turnaround? Simply, I cannot control how and what you think. Certainly there are times when I can influence your thoughts about me and that is natural within the course of relationships. However, to base my thoughts and actions on how I will be perceived by any individual as a strategy is invalid and unacceptable. What I do today is to live my life to the utmost based upon the better and best of human principles. If I am living within the confines of virtue, good, right, just, moral, ethical etc... then I am not concerned about what you think only about what I think and do. What you think of me will be up to your observation of me and that then is your perception to validate. For the most part what and how I am living is my only focus but what I think about you is also important. What I think about you is a direct reflection of my own principles in action. If I give you every courtesy and all respect then it is well with me. If your actions disrespect my courtesy and respect to you then and only then must I remove my courtesy and respect toward you and move on to others who also wish to display the better and best of human principles within their life.

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