Monday, February 21, 2011

A cautious boldness (#752)

The old "it appears to be an oxymoron" title. lol. I am trying to relay a positive movement forward with caution as it's guide. It is wise and sensible to follow through with passions and creative ideas as long as we are willing to respect what the passions and ideas create. We must also be sure that the passions and/or creative ideas actually are a positive force for change. Ideals are great but if they cannot be backed up with real world applications within the existing dynamic then they are of little value, beyond being hoped for ideals. I know in my heart and mind that equality for everyone is true and equality of opportunity is true, but to apply that ideal in our existing dynamic is in theory doable, but in reality is mostly impossible. The entrenched privileged will not give up their hold on resources and a way of thinking that gives them the right to be elite above others. I say mostly impossible because there is a way to change our reality and the current events in North Africa and the Mediterranean show us how. Although the task we wish to achieve should be reflected in caution, it also must be done with boldness. Standing up straight and looking others in the eye when relaying our vision is the beginning. Not in a threatening way but with the conviction of our principles to be of help. We all need purpose in our lives to give us a sense of worth. It is in this worth that a calm peacefulness can be found. Therefore all of us can and should forward out of ourselves the best we can find to change what is not best in our world with a cautious boldness.

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