Monday, February 14, 2011

It is we not me (#745)

Every morning I find time to stop and just say thank you to no one in particular for this gift of life. Some days it does not feel like a gift, more like a sentence. However, those mornings are far and few between. I also look into the mirror and put a smile on my face so that I can see what I look like when I smile out at others. As far as smiling mugs go I am not too shabby. lol. All of this is to premise that we have an interconnectedness that relies on us being involved with each other. At times I need my alone time and that is when I get to contemplate or meditate on what is happening around me. For that time alone I am grateful. I stop my day when I fall asleep and start my day when I wake up. The beauty of waking up every day is that I get to start at the beginning of my remembering. The same is true for my outlook and perspective on what has previously happened. This helps me immensely in that I am reminded that my first impression on things is not always correct. I am also a survivor and at times that instinct, to survive, overshadows or clouds my judgment. I mostly try to think about us as opposed me whenever I can. Why? Because I want all of us to have what we need to live. We all don't have that as of yet. You know what I mean! My priorities had been honed to acquiring things as a baseline. Each person out for themself. Yet this principle of self often and continuously leaves others by the wayside. Some will say that this is the animal kingdom and survival of the fittest is a natural order. I have come to discount that theory for two reasons, first an enlightened society has no need for allowing the weaker of us to die, we have the ability to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Secondly, natural orders are not immune to evolution. Especially in light of the human animal. We humans have a leg up on others in the animal kingdom through reason and emotion. We get to set the new paradigm for the natural instinct of our species. In my understanding, it should be we and not me.

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