Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our harsh realities (#748)

Telling the truth has been a strategy for most of my life. I learned it from those who taught me and from peers of mine as I was growing up. It has been, for lack of a better thought, on a need to know basis. Recently however I have begun to dismiss this form of strategy about telling the truth in favor of just telling the truth when it happens despite the circumstance. I no longer care so much what others think of me but more so what I think of myself. I remember that when I was young and I found out some truth later after having been excluded from it, I was angry for not having been trusted to know how to "handle" it. In the bigger picture of life and the future of life one thing is very clear to me; I need to know things in order to grow. Every time I am not made aware of something through a decision by someone else, I am stunted. I do not need someone to decide what information I am able to handle or how it may effect me. How I handle and how I am effected by information is mine! Do not withhold them from me! All of us need to trust one another with the harsh realities of life. Once we are all aware that reality is what it is we then can make informed decisions about how to improve it. The illusion, all is well, we seem to need to push out to those we feel responsible for is actually thwarting the best of what we have within us. It is actually a detriment to our complete make-up as independent human beings. I never wish to harm anyone but to withhold the truth is a form of harm that has a greater impact overall than a punch in the gut. A human being is a remarkable entity and should be allowed to stand on it's own in the full knowledge of what really is true.

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