Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An innocent hope (#746)

As I continue to move down the line of life I notice that there are two ways I look at life. The first way is to be cynical and grow worse into my despair that life cannot offer me much more than what I have already experienced, overall. I would grow more into myself and shut people out as to interaction and communication. Finding that I am the only one worthy of my own attention. lol. That is not the way I choose to be though. The second way is the one where I see something new in everything and everyone each day. I smile, interact and communicate with a true innocent hope. It is amazing just how special life really is. I will tell you why I say this, it is because I can look at something the first time, form a thought and then look at it again and form a new thought. My simple first understanding is just the beginning, not the end. The complexity of all things is marvelous and full of unasked questions. If all I had was the view of my local area, it would take me lifetimes to understand that view in totality. I recognize that I have inculcated a sense of arrogance about things and people who do not meet my preformed expectations. It is in the recognition of this that I find myself correcting my view and going back to that, at first, innocent hope. I disregard my preconceptions and let myself experience this new circumstance, since all circumstances are new in some way, as if I have just arrived with no clue. It is respect that I am giving to existence and the other lives and objects within it. My new, every moment, is an opportunity to live life like the child I started out as, full of wonder and wanting to be friends with everyone. Naive? Perhaps, but I find contentment and happiness there in the way I choose to go.

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