Friday, July 15, 2011

Force versus will (#896)

I bring this up since it seems there are those in our society who wish to apply force to their convictions to overcome our will to stop them. They somehow have gotten the notion that what they have arrived upon is better for us than what we think for ourselves. The first indicator that something is wrong is when a group or individuals of like mind think they have to use force to get everyone else to accept their plans. I have been spoiled my whole life by being privileged to live in a Democracy that has been bought and paid for with the blood and treasure of those who came before me. It is my duty to carry on their great sacrifice and keep our Democracy intact. So when there comes along certain folks who see privilege as a right and attempt to allocate their personal standards on the rest of us with ulterior disdain, I find I must step up and confront such action. All of us have an individual will of our own and as citizens of America we are responsible to defend the rights, hard fought and won for maintaining citizenship. For us to shirk our duty to our great country by cowering to the effects of power used by those who would force their will on us is unacceptable and should never be tolerated. Our society has some inherent problems within it when it is possible for a few to have control over the many through coercion or duress. We must root out those who would not hold our rights as sacred as they hold their own. The absurdity of thought that allows some to think that they are the only ones capable of imagination and leadership. In a Democracy like ours, we all get to sign on to whether our future moves in one direction or another. It is thorough Democracy where we have the best chance of sharing different ideas in order to find real solutions that count amongst us all. It is not by the force of a few who wish to think for all of us.

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