Saturday, July 30, 2011

Having fun is where we find ourselves (#911)

Can any one thing bring about so much clarity to us, individually, about who we are? Having fun seems to put many things into perspective for us. I suppose it is because until we are reminded of that part of our nature we tend to forget that having fun really is one of the very few things in life worth experiencing. For one thing it makes us happy and those around us can feed off of that from us and for another it releases endorphins within us to help us feel better about our own physical selves. But the main point I want to make here is that when our mind is free from stress we are better able to "find" ourselves. I remember from the sixties and seventies when finding oneself was a common theme. I always thought it had to involve geography, and at times it did but not as the highest factor, no, it involved having a clear mind and focused direction about our own personal principles. Finding ourselves is always an inside job. Each of us must reconcile ourselves with what looks back at us in the mirror. I have found that having fun, laughter etc... I am able to see the world around me in a new and hopeful way and the world within me as it really is. I am certain many would argue with me that having fun is to be discounted and serious mindsets are our greatest features. I believe it has to do with that old principle of work ethic and nose to the grindstone philosophies. Although admirable, seriousness and work ethic are only part of who we are, our nature has provided us with the ability to not only laugh at others but at ourselves as well. I do not condone making fun of anyone with intent to harm or belittle, however when the opportunity to see fun in something or someone a playful sense of propriety is assuredly appropriate where no harm is done. Keep on smiling and enjoy this life, it is not eternal and having fun is a choice.

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