Thursday, July 28, 2011

No man's land (#909)

A place of little distinction. It is like the only place in the world where there is no safety from anything. How does one get out of this place? I know the answer and it is the same answer all of us have had at one time to discover, time. Time heals all wounds although healing is one thing, pain from the wound may endure for a lifetime. Such is the gift of life, it is no discerner of type only of the willing. lol. To give from oneself or to accept from another is it's only demand. Embracing all of reality seems to be the best solution for finding relief. Growth can only happen when one is able to endure and move beyond whatever may confuse or take from us. I am still like the child who is wide-eyed and seeing the world for the first time. The unknown of everything is still splendor and magnificent. The same goes for how I am affected by those very same awarenesses. Take everything I ever thought I was and throw it away, since I am not the creator of me, I am the one who is left with of what happens to me. It is rightly so to be that way. As much as I want to think that my mind, heart and spirit are in control, I know for certainty that there is more to what I am than what I can think or feel. It obviously is our human interconnectedness but it is also something greater that has real influence and attraction far outside anything I can control or dismiss. Life will always be the magical experience it has been throughout time and I am learning even at this late date in my own life cycle that I have little to do with how it moves both within me and outside of me. I can take comfort in the one thing though and that of time will eventually work it's way through me. Until then I need to keep my wits about me and during my time of trial in no man's land I hope to keep my head down and not do anything too foolish.

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