Sunday, July 17, 2011

The smile on my face (#898)

Life is a good thing. I was sitting here with my eyes closed focusing on all of the everyday events that make up my life and I began to smile, which gave me the title of this post. It does not matter what happens to me in life. Although certainly I fight, scratch and claw for the best for all of us, but still, whatever happens is just another opportunity for me to rise above and work through whatever it is. Another obstacle or enjoyment, depending on the circumstance. It is my destiny to live with what comes my way. I want to be able to feel and think correctly about my responses when I give them. It has been getting easier, which is great, since I have this above-it-all-approach. Not as a condescending attitude, not even close, more like an elevated view above the situation so that I can actually see myself within the circumstance. Like having two different perspectives at the same time. I see the action around me but I also see the larger ramifications as well. Same with thought, I get the immediate thought response in my head but I also get an overview of how my immediate thought would play out. I can only attribute this to experiences having piled up and me being able to sense the similarities and differences. I was not taught to have a check on myself as a strategy. I had to learn the hard way through trial and error. Lucky for me that I have survived my trials and errors, many don't. It would seem then to make great sense to be able to teach others how to regulate their actions and thoughts through some sort of filter before engaging them into action. I can smile these days because life is just a bunch of opportunities to do something that can have an impact on not only others but on my own sense of my self-worth.

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