Monday, July 25, 2011

Societal positions change but personal principles don't (#906)

Actually, my societal, environment, religious, political and economical positions haven't changed much, but they have changed somewhat. However what I hold dear to me in how I act on my morality, ethics and justice have mostly been absolute. Certainly I have failed in my own eyes to be as perfect as I expect myself to be in acting on my principles but they have always guided me when I have had my wits about me and even when I didn't I instinctively reacted so out of my subconscious. I am who I am on my core virtues. There is nothing more valuable to me than my thoughts and actions regarding my principles. Again, I am human and as such I have let myself down in my own eyes, but not out of some lacking in my principles but some lacking in my ability to be the best I could possibly be. Knowing this about myself gives me some insight into how I perceive my duty within society. I am no master of sociology or psychology but I am a master of knowing the difference between what violates my principles and what doesn't. I know this by the regret and remorse I have felt at times when the defense of my principles were lacking. I find it difficult to express to all of you my vision for humanity, my perfect scenario for all of us to live like. I will try again here, all of us deserve to be treated with respect and dignity to the utmost degree. We are all special in our own ways. The way society is structured today does not do this. I often remember the ghastly photo of the little black child in the desert lands of Africa, kneeling over with hunger and thirst as the vulture stands no more than 10 feet away waiting for it's next potential food source. I will never accept the apologists of today and their spin on how we all need to stand for ourselves and there is no room for helping each other, because it is a sign of weakness. My heart breaks when I see those who know nothing of despair and ill treatment condescending and pontificating on how they are the real special ones and most everyone else is just unworthy.

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