Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The days of being ignorant to our Democracy are over (#1174)

The free ride of not having to understand what makes our democracy work are over. Every child and adult must begin to be tutored or taught what it means to live in a democracy. How the government functions and how a law is passed throughout the process of forming a bill. We must all be made aware of how special interests affect how our representatives decide how to proceed with writing bills and voting on them as well. If our democracy is going to work then we must have a clear understanding of the implications these bills present. Our agenda as a society is to prosper and defend our way of life. If we are only defending a way of life that only prospers a few then our democracy has been infiltrated by factors that allow a less than prosperous outcome for most to all of us. These factors need to be identified and then explained in order for all to have an understanding of their negative effects. Much like ailments in our body, we have ailments in our body politic. As when we seek to heal our ownselves with a cure, much the same is required when treating the body politic with a cure. Always first though we need to conclude the ailment before we start the cure. To conclude the ailment, we need to understand how it has affected our body politic. This is all just common sense but all of us must be made aware of the premises that lead us to our conclusions. Our country was founded and defended for a couple of centuries on the principles espoused in democratic ideals. Everything within our body politic must also correlate with democratic ideals, otherwise, we are mutating our society to form something less that is not wholly equal to all in opportunity and stunts the pursuit of happiness, health and general welfare. None of us has the luxury to sit out our democracy anymore, lest we are willing to let it die.

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