Sunday, April 22, 2012

The ego behind suppressing education (#1178)

This topic has been formulating in my head for some time now. I look at the Republican candidates for all offices in our country and I see a concerted attempt to obstruct or discontinue efforts at helping our children in our American society to receive the best opportunities to be educated. It is hard enough on children when they are in school for most of their youth to want to continue in educational settings after they reach the age of 18. To make it even harder for them to continue on is the subject of what I am trying to get at here. Certainly, our job economy is terrible for those who do not have the luxury of a higher education, but in many cases the alternative to finding low paying jobs is the enormous amount of debt our children must be willing to accept with no guarantee that they will be able to find a job to pay for the debt. The default position of many is to not go to school and therefore not be under the weight of loans that seem impossible to repay. They instead decide to go work out in the workforce where their options for more than a minimum wage job are slim. This all brings me back to why our conservative politicians feel it is necessary to eliminate national programs and departments aimed at making college education a reality. I fear that it is because the right wing in our country see America as not a melting pot of opportunity for all but only a melting pot for those who can prove they are worthy of receiving special consideration. Put judiciously, our children are guilty before they are proven innocent. I mentioned ego in the title so that I could clearly distinguish what the mindset is in those who advance the survival of the fittest regimen. They prefer a society that has to struggle and fight for what little there is as opposed to strengthening society for all our children. When education is suppressed, knowledge goes bankrupt, and those who have knowledge, lord over those who don't. A very dark and brutish right wing, conservative, Republican view.

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