Monday, April 23, 2012

No love, no conscious (#1179)

This is something that can be in little dispute, no love, no conscious. Those who are raised without the tender care of love in their lives have no experience in how to express love to others. Love is a learned behavior in it's expression. We are all capable of love and I would guess that we all want to be loved and to love others. It is in the not knowing how to love that breaks us from continuing to try to love. We give up and instead become less compassionate and more critical about life. It is essential that parents have children with the mindset that love will be there for their children no matter what happens in the future. The unconditional love and it's expression toward our children is a major part of the heritage we pass on from generation to generation. Nothing else is more important to our children than that they are able to have a healthy expression of love throughout their lives. It all starts with the parents. Children are not a property or some convoluted existence to support the parents status hierarchy. Children are the best thing we will ever create from ourselves and giving them all that we have and the opportunity to have even more is our destiny. We do have a duty to raise our children so that not only do they know that they are loved but that they are able to share love with others. I thought about this subject in the context of why some adults are so insensitive to the pains and harms they do to others. What I have concluded is that those who have walled off their hearts don't have the capacity to love. They were not taught or shown enough love in their early lives for them to have a foundation to build strong loving relationships upon.

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