Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reigning in my intent (#1170)

My intentions are what drive my actions, even to the point of inaction. As long as I can keep my intentions from causing adverse effects then my actions are justified, however, in my world, unless I am being unselfish, my intent does cause less good than I hope for. I am not much of a "religious" sort of person, but there is one line in the Bible that does vibrate through me with absolute clarity. It being "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth"-Matthew 5:5. I bring this up as a definition of humility. For me, meek and humility are closely aligned and in meekness we have strength under control and with humility we have a virtue which lacks ego and which denotes self-worth. Both inspire a confidence of being. In our society we are bombarded with the aspect of having strength and confidence without actually being instructed to the virtuous nature of either. Bullies are feared and therefore emulated for their ability to gain power while the psychopathic leaning among us are rewarded for their ruthlessness. it makes me wonder if our educational approach is slanted toward policies that advance enlightenment or crude primeval human behavior. That I have intentions is a good thing. It shows that I am thinking of things that offer conclusions. All of this is still in my head however, and until I can rationalize the effect of my intent, it is best left waiting to be applied. The only true test I have for my intent is if it is unselfish. Is it about me or is it about all of us. Does it advantage some or does it advantage everyone. As I seek to have the meek/humility of unselfishness in my life, I know I am getting very close to having the actions of all my intentions being worthy of expression.

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