Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A day to reflect (#1425)

For us here in America and other parts in the world, this is a great day to reflect on our values. We use this day to honor the Christian tradition but in reality we need to explore just exactly what that tradition embodies. I won't go into a list of examples for all of us have some idea about what is represented, however I will say that all of whatever we chose as our guiding examples they should be anatomically, honorable and heartfelt. The best of who we are should be our goal for not only today but from every day forward until the end of our species, or beyond. When words like magnificence are used I most always feel like they are cheapened by our own lack of knowing what true magnificence reveals. The sublime or more simply, the perfect is not something we see on any consistent basis but still it exists. Why we don't employ such circumstances in our lives that truly touch everyone in the best way is our lacking and our loss. We can do magnificent and perfect things yet we rarely choose to do that with any priority. Today is a good day to reflect on our priorities with a bit of meditation and consideration. Let me remind all of us once again, we get to choose our reality. Yes, we get to do that but it takes our will and our determination to put what is best about our species over and above what is better for ourselves. The two can go hand in hand but the first priority is our species and then the effect of that effort is what improves the world around ourselves. 

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