Sunday, December 16, 2012

Being yourself (#1416)

Simple words but it is not always easy knowing who we are. There are complex issues out in the world that have good meaning on both extremes of thoughts and actions. We are asked to weigh which answer fits who we are. it is not just the answer we surmise that we must defend but it is the logic behind it. Sometimes that logic exposes us in ways that we wish not to be exposed. So then we further complicate our decisions based upon appearance and our place within our immediate and general society at large. This is the point I wish to make, that we should not be as protective of our superficial appearance as we are of our core principles. Whenever we do trade off denying ourselves as who we are for the comfort of who we are not, we effectively give over our will for a price. We show ourselves, if no one else can also see, that we are less than what we hoped we would be when we first established that we were free spirits capable of great ideals. We sacrifice our humanity for some prideful thing that in the big picture of happiness is an illusion. Remember, we are here in existence for only a short period, do we really want to waste it being ashamed of ourselves? All the great luxuries of life are not worth one moment of shame. I know it is easy for me to sit here at my computer keyboard and tell you that your goals and ambitions are not worth sacrificing some principles in the short term for some long term safety or security attainment. You would be mistaken to think so though, it is not easy, it is hard. To tell many that they need to quit scheming and manipulating when that is the price for what we call success, is hard. The current protocols and processes are in place and we are just using them like others have before us, but that does not make us right, good or most of all happy.  

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