Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catastrophe as motivation to act (#1418)

I long for the day when just the simple understanding of logic is enough to move policies forward that advance our civilization. We seem to be real good at listening to illogical rhetoric as a way to procrastinate on issues that beg for our clear minded attention. One of the real dangers of capitalism is that the individual ventures advance only their self interests without putting the greater good in a sovereign position. This is why we need to have capitalism work within a boundary so that the greater good is not abused in the name of someone's bottom line. That we have to absorb devastation as a means to an end is indicative of the trial and error phase of human evolvement, which should be a default position paradigm, only used when reason will not conclude an answer. Not the main process for us to rationalize certain necessities. It is my hope that common sense enlightenment may eventually underpin our motives and motivations in such a way as to foresee the errors in our society and advance away from those errors into solutions without having to wait for a catastrophe to awaken our common senses. I am no great thinker of our time but one thing I am is a person who would rather find logical solutions to problems before problems cause harm to a single soul. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is not some arbitrary abstract thought. It is an intellectual concept that has real effect and should be our sole foundation for initiating policies that protect and serve our citizenry. We cannot foresee many of our problems in this phase of our evolution as a species but we can foresee some and those we can foresee need our attention before another soul has to pay an ultimate price. 

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