Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hope beyond hope (#1426)

I will be the last person to ever give up on hope even if it means nothing much ever happens for me beyond my own self. We all have wishes and dreams that someday may happen for us and to give into the sense that we should move away from them is disheartening. Therefore, I choose not to give in and to a fault not give up on my improbable desires. It is a privilege to even be in a position to want something nearly unattainable since improbable is much better than impossible. And if my will toward consistent effort in my wishes' direction are any indication of whether I actually succeed at them, then I like the odds regardless of whether they are logical. The reason being is that winning a long shot every now and then is not unheard of and each and every one of us knows that perseverance is our only real chance to succeed. It just gets so hard sometimes to chase a dream when I am always being thwarted. Yet, chase I continue to do, as I am stubborn about what I hope for and although I know I deserve not a wit, I continue to believe that we all have something special in this life as a purpose and our road to that purpose is paved with our wishes and hopes. What I have also learned is that sometimes our wishes and dreams are not what they initially appear to be. They often are tweaked a bit after some time has passed and in that tweaking a greater realization forms. The root of what I hope for is the goal, not the exact outcome I had planned. Funny that my best planning is humorous when the story of it is revealed. It is as if I didn't really understand what I hoped for beyond the initial ideal. This life is funny that way and what I do to carry on is not give up on that which I know is what makes me happy, regardless of it's final form.

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