Sunday, December 30, 2012

Societal reclamation (#1430)

A do-over if you will. Things are just not working right. We all know it but it is myriad fears that are stopping us from changing much of our current state of affairs. We are trying, some of us, with protests and statements to that effect but the bulk of others of us are not seeing a vision for joining in. The problem is that we are part of the problem by our very existence within society. Which is not unnatural or dishonest, but real. It is what it is so to speak. By that I mean we are the cogs that have this dysfunctional machine moving and if we cogs quit doing our jobs all that we have or will have becomes at risk of losing. So we continue to work our parts in the generalized awkward and dystopian existence we know is wrong but cannot seem to rectify. The lack of our will is more than just ignorance and weakness, it is mostly fear, which has placed our mostly minimal comfort and security at a higher priority than courage and honor as guiding principles. We have bought into our own selfishness as a virtue instead of buying into our civilized rights and justice. We have given into giving individualism, the claim that survival of the fittest is the natural progression of our future, instead of community and family as our duty to protect. Many have isolated themselves within the privileged manipulations that abound in our current chaotic society and have blatantly called it their right above fairness and equality. The examples of illogical societal practice abound and until we mass of citizens are capable of fortifying our honor into principles of rational practice, we will continue to find ourselves ever less able to break the current yoke of dystopia and instead move toward an equitable utopia for all.  

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