Friday, December 21, 2012

The creative mind (#1421

Our solutions are not behind us, they are before us. We must choose to look into what can be to see how we live today, not backwards into what was. We use the past as a reminder of how we got to where we are now, but a a guide toward our future, the past is not. What we have is a fresh look at all that is around us and an opportunity to create. Certainly our opportunities are limited by actions and policies of the past, but breaking free from those less than honorable paradigms is part of the solution. We can not only move forward with modernity and enlightenment, but we can at the same time disavow any more connection to stifling and manipulated arbitrariness. Nothing in this world is easy to do so despite the difficulty of change, it is best when the change has a positive effect and not just more of the same mix of good and bad. We can do this as a society when we put down our own selfishness, in the form of ego, and just accept that reality is what is in front of us and not some idea born from fear. The intensity of our imaginings has got to be firmly within the grasp of our senses. We have for too long in our short history of human evolvement been captured to ideas that diminish our senses and instead promote the face of illusion. We have been asked and trained to accept theoretical concepts as fact and have governed on those same evaporative notions. Enough of the myths, mores and folklore of the past. We are the present form of our species, evolved to the point to understand and reason out logic without being mystified by irrationality, if we so chose. Our time is at our beck and call and with the creative mind we all possess, we can build a greater and more reflective existence based upon our naturally sensed abilities.

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