Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trust yourself and then slowly trust others (#1422)

What we all seem to do is to evaluate others on what we do ourselves. We use ourselves as an example of what others will do. This is quite unfair in that many are not grounded enough in who they are to be able to evaluate how others will be. That is why it is so important to get to know who you are as a person and whether you have the decent qualities you expect from others, yourself. In my few years of trial and error on this planet I have found that who I am is really who I have been without realizing it. I was at the beginning of my life a hero-worshiping type person. I lost track of myself for many years and was lucky to have survived my ignorance. Yet here I am now back to being who I have always been and also ready to evaluate you on who you are as well based upon the thoughts and actions I employ. It is all I can do to keep some order in my life. I am not some zealous advocate for belief systems or dogmatic absolutisms, I am rather a pragmatic investigator who is open to the unknown. From that position I can accept possibilities that seem impossible without further evidence, but I don't rely upon them as factual. If you are of a scientific nature about all things, like we all inherently are, then you are closer to being like me and closer to being worthy of me trusting you in steps toward confidence. That is how I roll in life. I have found my path and in that I am very grateful. To those who are on entirely different paths, I can only hope for you success in your abilities to trust others as you would have them trust you. I don't get to make people see the world through my eyes but I do get to trust those in this world through my own eyes and always by trusting myself first.

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