Sunday, December 23, 2012

We all make a difference (#1423)

What will that difference be? Hard to know until we are done and then we can look back and see what our efforts have brought about. My favorite way of going through life is to keep my nose to the wheel so to say and then when it is time for some little break, I can then assess how things are going. But I know that if I keep to my best principles about equality, fairness and causing no harm, I will always be going in the direction that fulfills my purpose. This society of ours was built upon those before us who also put their efforts into being the best they could be without expecting some equal praise or glory. We must be who we are and I say we are curious and caring. All the other things that happen to us in this life are manifestations of what is good and bad about how we live within the incoherent structure of our current time. It is as if all should be able to awake on the same morning and just say this is ridiculous and start to do something different. All it takes from us is the will to change what is wrong toward something more right. By keeping my promise to myself to make this world better for the future I know I am on the right track, how about you? We must have a minimum level of existence for each and every one of us that relieves the fear and desperation that a majority of us feel every day. This is no way to live life, with a constant threat that we are just days away from losing all hope for just food, shelter and clothing. I am sick in my heart over this and embarrassed for our species. Let us begin to realize and effect the type of change for our species we all really would like to have for ourselves.

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