Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seeing beyond my wants (#1482)

Just another way to describe what sacrifice is. I don't sit around in a mash of emotions or regrets about how I don't have so many things it would be nice for me to have. That old saying of "it is the thought that counts" serves me well in that even though I don't have special or privileged things, I can imagine that I do and that is always a bit of a comfort. The reason I don't is simple, other priorities have to come first. My wants are not enough of a desire to hide the blemish of so much that is going wrong in our society. I am not the super altruistic soul I hope I can become, but I do a small part where I can without reservation. I know how sometimes just a little help to others is huge to the helped. It not only relieves some pressure point but it also restores a little bit of faith in the human condition about caring. What are the true values we have here in this existence? It is not just material and power. Those things are the goal for so many yet in their lives they miss the truth about accomplishment. Society is structured for us to be busy within it so that we do not have the idle time for things to go bad. We want all of us to live lives with purpose and dignity while we live in harmony with each other. So much of the time this concept escapes our thinking or is not even in our thoughts. Regardless of how some say that our institutions are more important than any or a group of lives, they would always be wrong. Institutions are built and maintained just so that we can have freedom with security, not as an idol to be worshiped or used to whip up some metaphorical conflagration. We are all the same, human beings with a passion for life and a caring curious nature. Let's never forget that.

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