Saturday, February 23, 2013

Survival of the fittest does not value all life (#1485)

You can't have it both ways, like our conservative party here in America. They claim to be the party of family values, but upon closer inspection of what that means we find that they only mean values that put us in direct competition with each other even in the most basic ways. For food, clothing, shelter, health care and transportation. Valuing only a system that requires all to battle against one another for the few comforts in life is one of not family values but one of the concept of "thinning the herd". An oxymoron for sure when most of us equate family values with care, equality, justice, liberty and opportunity. Words do matter and as we hear those words come from the ones in power who are trying to establish our society's rules, we must know how those words are in effect coinciding with the outcome those words actually produce. When the outcome is for a small group of people to acquire and control our sources of economy and government then we are not on the track to improving our society in a democratic way, instead we are undermining all the hard fought rights and privileges we have already attained for a lesser and more authoritarian one. There is nothing new here in that some see themselves above all others and therefore feel it is their right to control and dictate existence as to how they see it and not leave that for a democratic process. All of us must decide if we are going to keep the democratic form of government and economy before we lose it to those who are plotting and implementing for more control. Common sense tells us that when we all have a say in what our future will be then we are truly bound together as a powerful force against everything else. However if we are not bound together surging toward our future together, then we are surging instead against each other toward something that looks a lot like our chaotic past. 

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