Sunday, February 24, 2013

The comprehensive picture please! (#1486)

What I find most disturbing is people who argue with me and others about what they want right now for themselves without looking at the overall, or comprehensive effect. Nothing we do today is just a singular action without consequences. Everything is connected and if we do not keep our minds focused on the purpose for shaping and bettering our society then we get caught up in the selfishness of personal need instead of the insightful growth of our civilization. It still frustrates and aggravates me to see some argue against the common sense approach to solving a problem because, well, I don't know. When did common sense become such a detriment to problem solving? Are we so much full of ourselves that we cannot accept logic in the face of truth? I still don't know why we have some in our society who think that logic has no legitimate standing in the realm of their understanding. Again, I say I don't know why problem solving has to be an unknown to me with some who cannot use logic to explain their rational/irrational conceptions. The idea that we should accept non-sequitur's as a form of explanation is beyond me. If we cannot base our society on rational, logical thought then how are we all going to understand each other? It is a failure of our society in the educational process that has allowed too many of our citizens to think they are aware of reality when in reality they are thinking in incomplete terms. There is a simpler way to think in this world if we are not educated to the limits we need to be. Just ask yourself if you think life should be fun and easy, if yes, then ask yourself if you can support policies that make it so. If we can get past our own fears just maybe we can all start to have the fun available if we would only strive for it.

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