Thursday, February 28, 2013

The cowardice of liars (#1490)

Yes, we all somewhat hate liars, well hate may be a bit strong but we do disdain them for their intent. But what I am talking about here is the hatred that motivates liars. Deep down inside them some smoldering fear has them by the grips and they know only one way to avoid their fear and that is to ignore it. So instead they see the world through their cowardice and in such have made what is good and right about life something dirty and sullied. They would rather destroy the best of what we are in order to creep away from their fear. They may use words of disambiguation to justify some nefarious effect in ideas they promote as a smoke screen but most of us move past the words of opinionated description and instead look at the result of their attempts. One surely would conclude that anything that comes from a dishonest evaluation is either being proposed by someone who is badly misinformed or the alternative, has adjusted their thinking to reflect their hatred for others transferred from their own hatred of themselves. Having honor comes with a price, one must be truthful about logic and truthful about it's effect. Which then leads to applying a positive solution that benefits all, not just some. Sadly, we are still a nation filled with souls who have not the courage to face their own fears despite the obvious reflection of it the rest of us see. So cowardice in their thinking is not cowardice at all, it is conviction that despite all relevant reason, must be forwarded at any cost. Watching how some leaders play with our lives like we are statistics instead of human beings is beyond regrettable and for such behavior cowards must be called out!

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