Thursday, February 21, 2013

The fire inside us (#1483)

What is it that keeps burning at my ambitions? What is it that keeps me focused and determined to see a better world? All I know is that I have seen enough misery for a lifetime and that has to stop. Our society is inching ahead in alleviating the worst kinds of suffering but we have so much further to go and we need to pick up the pace. I just cannot rest and relax in my own comforts when I know that others are not even close to having any decent comforts at all. Most are having trouble just meeting basic needs let alone a sufficiently comfortable life. This is why my inner fire burns so hotly. I cannot turn a blind eye to those who are punished by the mere fact of being born where they are born. The luck of the draw is not an acceptable strategy in an emerging enlightened society. Our values should always precede our actions as the rule, not the exception. How do I make you understand that life is not a competition for selfishness, instead it is a competition for selflessness. Through our competitive natures we need to be making life better for all, not just for some. The idea that cynicism, a general lack of faith and/or hope, has value as it relates to our human desires is a false conclusion. We are not greedy and ego-driven by our natures, that is a taught and learned behavior. It is not a positive behavior, instead it is a dividing tool used to keep us in line with the school of thought that most of us are chattel and/or property. There exists within our power structures of influence, weak minded souls who easily sway and allure, with the temptation of greed and grandeur, those who start out to fight the battle to improve our society with equality and fairness. Remembering that selfishness is the first step toward putting out the fire within us should make making that choice to be tempted by the weak minded souls that much easier to overcome.

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